Colorado Triathlon Company

The Colorado Triathlon Company was formed with one mission in mind: to rise above the ordinary experience found at the average bike shop. We are triathlon specialists. Whether it be a road bike or triathlon bike, a wetsuit, or a cycling shoe, we speak your language. We are NOT a bicycle store for the masses. We are a delicate blend of all three disciplines of triathlon. Our triathlon store and our seasoned employees are dedicated to serving you with knowledge and experience not found anywhere else. We represent the road and triathlon community and that’s all we do!

Our owners and staff are immersed in the lifestyle of cycling and triathlon, so we understand your goals, your training, your gear, and most importantly, your commitment to this way of life. We pride ourselves on personal service and a depth of experience rarely found anywhere else.


If you’re a multisport athlete who enjoys cycling, running, or swimming, then the Colorado Triathlon Company is your one-stop shop for everything you need to train, compete, or recreate in one or all three sports. We are one of Colorado’s only dedicated full service cycling and triathlon shops.

Bike Services

Your bike and your fit are in good hands with our cycling specialists. Our mechanics have refined their skills over years in the industry, so you can rest assured that we can get your bike in tip top shape and ready for whatever epic adventures you have in mind.

Customer Service

Come experience a retail atmosphere without attitude and see how we can serve you better so that you can fulfill your dreams of becoming the champion of your distance.