Avoid Residential Roofing Scams

Over the years, many people have developed companies focusing on residential and commercial roofing services. Companies have taken root in many parts of the US due to frequent storms in the coastline states and counties. With the emergence of these companies, scammers have found a way of fleecing innocent people their money. They have devised ways of finding vulnerable families in dire need of roofing services and performing substandard work or no work at all after collecting payment. It is essential to understand the easiest way of identifying these fraudsters and reporting them or avoiding them at all costs. We will discuss some of the techniques you can use to know genuine roofing experts from fraudsters.

Storm Chasers

Notorious quacks will always come to your home immediately after a storm has passed and request to work on your roof. No serious company will sit around and wait for a storm to pass through a residential place, and immediately it’s gone, they rush to want to fix your house. Serious roofing companies have robust means of communication and are always on high alert, waiting for clients to reach them. They have experts on the ground who respond to a call from the main office to respond to an emergency or work once a client makes contact. Whenever you see someone knocking on your door pretending to be roofing experts immediately after a storm and you did not invite them, treat them as fraudsters. There are well-established residential roofing companies in Colorado that provide exceptional services at friendly prices. You only need to know the right company to contact for the roofing services should you need a roof replacement or repair.

Low bidders in roof replacement or repair

The term cheap is expensive comes to play when many people are sourcing for roofing experts to work on their roofs. The nature of every human being is to save every single coin at the slightest opportunity. As a result, people are more swayed to go for cheap contractors to save money. The problem comes when you want quality work to be done at cheap price. Low-bidding contractors are available almost everywhere, and they will tell you what you want to hear, but at the end of the day, you will end up using more money than you anticipated. For instance, a low bidder will give you a quotation, and when he reaches the middle of the roofing process, he will approach you to add more money to finish your roofing process. This will make you go outside the initial budget you had set aside for the roofing, thus making you lose more money. Professional residential roofing companies in Colorado will guide you in getting the best affordable and competitive process in the market for your roof replacement and repairs.

Roofer inflicted damage to your roof

Many people are moving around the street with no better job to do but looking at people’s homes and roofs for anything unusual. As a homeowner, you might find someone knocking on your door claiming to be a roofing expert and has seen some damages on your roof. It is good to interrogate the person and ascertain that he is a genuine expert or a quack. You can dig deep by calling the company where the person claims to work to prove the person’s identity. Many of these fraudsters will insist on going up the roof to assess the extent of the damage and end up making it even worse by inflicting their damages. Only allow an expert from a reputable roofing company to go up your roof to assess any damage that might be there. If you live in Colorado, a reputable Colorado roofing company has guidelines and procedures on assessing the roof damage and developing a quotation that will be cost-effective to the homeowner.

Insurance fraud

Insurance fraud is on the rise, especially when you find roofing companies that come to you with offers of repairing your roof and collect payment from the insurance company. Here, the roofing companies capitalize on the insurance cover and inflate the price of repairing the roof to recover it from your insurance firm. Some companies can even hide behind the insurance cover scheme and offer you incentives to get the job and recover the cost from the insurance cover. When sourcing for insurance services in Colorado, find a good Colorado roofing company with a good insurance policy to fix your roofing problem because they will explain everything you need to know about the costing before they commence the work.

Asking for a larger percentage as a down payment beforehand

Avoid a roofing company that asks for a large sum of money as a down payment before they commence working on your roof. This is a sign of fraudsters because the average down payment roofing companies ask for is below 15% of the total cost involved. If you are dealing with a company that asks for over 15% as a down payment before they commence the work, be careful; you might deal with scammers. More often than not, once you give them the down payment, they will either abandon your work or do a shoddy job because they would have spent the money at hand before the actual work begins.

Contractors without valid working licenses

This is the most crucial part when you seek a professional company’s services to work on your roof. Many people claim to be experts in roof repair services but lack actual certification to conduct the business. Insist on valid work credentials before engaging in work-related contracts with roofing companies. Ensure any roofing expert that visits your home has a proper and valid personal identification budge before you engage with him.